LiteOn eSAU208 External Slim DVD Writer Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅22-09-10

The eSAU208 may have been on the market for over a year now but its still an extremely useful little device. Being slim, you can take it anywhere with you - it fits into a netbook/notebook bag with ease and compliments these type of computers substantially because it means you can enjoy films whilst on the go and an abundance of other things too.

Noise levels aren't really an issue with the eSAU208. Even if you are writing a DVD the spinning isn't disruptive.

At around 40 this external slim DVD-RW is a great buy, offering 8X DVD+RW and 6X DVD-RW this drive is quite zippy giving access times of 130ms. The eSAU 208 also has Lightscribe functionality meaning you can print onto your discs.

The bundled software Nero 7 Essentials may be a little behind things but it still gives you the ability to take full advantage of the drive, copying CDs/DVDs, burning music, making video discs and much more. If you have a blu-ray drive or are planning on getting one, Nero 7 Essentials is compatible with blu-ray discs too so it also covers different media.

The LiteOn eSAU208 is a great value for money external slim DVD writer, if you are looking for a similar drive this is likely to be one of the cheapest options available and I would recommend it.

+ Modern, stylish looking
+ Very portable
+ Useful software bundled
+ Great value

- Software is quite dated
- Attracts dirt easily

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