Logitech G433 Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅02-12-17
Closer Look

The headband cushioning is lined with the fabric mesh which is seen elsewhere, and covers the fully length of the frame.

The headset is adjustable and firm clicky increments, the materials used feel like high-quality resins.

On top the frame is plastic and features the Logitech G logo embossed into it.

For maximum flexibility and comfort we see that the G433 can fold flat. By doing this the earcups can be certain to pivot to your head easily, and also allows users to rest the headset on their shoulders while earing it around their neck.

Here we see that Logitech has provided a huge area in the earcups to ensure a true circum-aural fit, it is unlikely anyone will have an issue fitting their ears inside this headset.

Removing the earcups we can see that the Pro-G drivers used are orientated at an angle to ensure that the audio is directed into your ears. There are various advantages to this design, but most noticeably is that it helps widen the soundstage and improve spatial awareness.

The headset with the microphone boom connected, inside the microphone tip is a micro-pop filter.

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