Logitech G513 Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅03-07-18
Packaging & First Look
We’re a big fan of the Logitech style of packaging, with clear and concise stickers used to mark the exact contents, such as the UK sticker for keyboard layout as well as the Romer-G Tactile to signify which keys are used. The keyboard is shown in a lovely large image.

Flipping the box over, there’s some brief details on the key aspects of the G513.

Arranged within the solid packaging is the keyboard, a wrist rest and a set of faceted keycaps for gaming use, along with a keypuller to make swapping them over as painless as possible. We do wish manufacturers would include a small box to keep the spare keys in though.

Keeping things simple, Logitech haven’t messed about with the layout at all, everything is spaced and located exactly where you’d expect.

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