Logitech G513 Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅03-07-18
Closer Look (Continued)
The bottom tray is also worth looking at, with a small cable look to prevent a cable being snagged and damaging the USB port, as well as a trough for running a cable under the keyboard, such as a headset. If the keyboard is laid flat, there’s 6 rubber contact patches to prevent it moving around, whereas when the feet are used, they’re also tipped with rubber.

On the rear of the keyboard, in the far top-right is a USB pass-through; sadly, this is only a 2.0 pass-through so still not capable of massive file transfers or better power delivery but it’s more than capable of connecting a mouse or headset.

To provide full power to the keyboard as well as full bandwidth for the pass-through, the keyboard’s 1.8m braided cable is split into two separate USB headers.

Focusing on the rear of the keyboard once more, there’s a 1/4-20 thread secured into the solid chassis of the G513. There’s no mention in the manual or on their website what this is for but we suspect it may be for future adaptability or for 3D Printing opportunities within the PC Enthusiast community.

We did find that the 1/4-20 thread is the exact thread size most camera manufacturers use, which is handy if you need to mount your keyboard on a tripod.

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