Logitech G602 Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅14-02-14

Product on Review: G602 Wireless Gaming Mouse
Manufacturer & Sponsor: Logitech
Street Price: £69 GBP / $64.99 USD

Wireless connectivity isn’t just limited to the household router, laptop or smartphone, there are now numerous devices which take advantage of this type of communication in a bid to discard cables and reduce clutter. Today we are to take a look at a wireless mouse from peripheral forerunner, Logitech, which is primarily designed for gamers.

G602 is a wireless gaming mouse with boasts up to 1440 hours of usage, up to 2500 DPI of sensitivity and a plethora button customisation to name just a few of the features. At the heart of G602 is an exclusive optical sensor named Delta Zero. Can Logitech convince gamers to ditch the trusty, corded gaming mouse for this new wireless weapon?

Logitech on their G602
The G602 features over 250 hours of non-stop wireless gaming experience, up to 1440 hours in endurance mode while the Delta-zero sensor technology provides a high accuracy tracking. 15 times more gameplay action than the competition which means relentless gaming for over ten days of non-stop kick butt winning. WE WIN. YOU WIN. SCIENCE WINS.

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