Logitech G703 Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅01-02-18
Closer Look
Aside from the top-shell colour and the inclusion of RGB, the G703 copies the exact shape of the G603; not necessarily a bad thing, at all!

Designed for the right-handed user, the mouse is sloped towards the right, helping to improve comfort, shown in the photo below. You can also see the micro-USB charging port, which uses a proprietary connector for added stability.

The left-hand-side is home to the forward and back button, as standard, the concave shape is carried over from the G603, but with rubber added to the edges, improving grip substantially.

Conversely, the other side is flat, fading into a convex shape towards the rear. Also featuring the rubber coating.

Looking at the back of the mouse, there’s not a great deal going on. The rubber grip on the right is noticeably large.

A large G logo is placed on top of the mouse, made from translucent plastic to allow those lovely RGBs to shine through. Behind the scroll wheel is a small DPI-switch button to which you can assign up to 5 DPI settings.

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