Microlab FC 50 Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅17-06-13

Product on review: FC 50 2.1 Speaker system
Manufacturer: Microlab
Street Price: 89.99

Microlab started producing audio peripherals primarily for PCs around 15 years ago and by following their mission, they have been able to push out competitive products at accessible prices while funding research and innovation in acoustics. Coming in with Microlab's latest innovation is the FC 50 2.1 speaker system featuring HC2D (High Clarity Close Distance)technology alongside advanced DSP (Digital Signal Processing) and acoustic design that claims to offer uncoloured, 'super balanced' sound. If that isn't a nod towards nearfield monitoring, then the 'Desktop Nearfield Speaker' written on the back is definitely taking another step in that direction.

Overview by Microlab
Powerful high fidelity 2.1 subwoofer speaker system with HC2D (High Clarity Close Distance)technology. Beautifully designed in stylish and avant garde concept, this system fits ideally in your living room and even the studies. HC2D reproduce uncoloured frequencies with optimum power in surrounding area around the listening position. Thus you get the best full range sound with minimum distortion. Powerful subwoofer with built-in amplifier that gives you unprecedented vocal and depth in bass frequencies. The subwoofer designed with bass reflex tunnel for efficient woofer movements and complete low frequencies production. Unique satellite designed without traditional box enclosure, featuring exposed basket, spider and magnetically shielded magnet case. Wireless RF-remote control with circular volume turntable knob for complete level controls. The remote control uses radio frequency for 360 all round use without signal being blocked.

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