Microlab T2 Bluetooth Headset Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅24-03-15
Closer Look

Looking up

The T2 is a slim and compact design with slight, but soft padding on the headband which contrasts against the rubberised black plastic finish. In regards to input output, there is a micro USB port for charging, and a built in microphone.


The T2 is an on ear design (supra-aural) and the faux leather covering the drivers perforated to allow sound to escape and is soft with thin cushioning underneath.


The centre button is the on/off/ pairing and answer calls multi function, while the surrounding buttons allow for volume and skip track controls.

Metal adjustable band

The adjustable strap is reinforced with metal, improving integrity and strength. You can also see a small LED indicator, which will display when charging, or pairing for Bluetooth.

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