Microlab T2 Bluetooth Headset Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅24-03-15
Performance Testing

Setup, Design & Observations
Charging via the micro USB port was simple and then to pair with a mobile device, press the multi-function button. It took a little while to connect properly with my smartphone but once it was connected there was no major lag or issues experienced. The headset had a fairly moderate clamp strength but seemed to be aggrevated by the thin padding on the earpads. The earcups have a fair amount of swivel movement and it can take a little while to adjust into the right position to find the comfort zone, once found the comfort wasn't really a major issue, this could be alleviated or exacerabated by someone who is or is not used to Supra-aural headsets. Overall the lightweight headset seemed strong and flexible with a good quality finish. For some, the major drawback for this headset would be that it can only be used via Bluetooth. This means it relied soully on battery power which could diminish over time without the option to replace it. The official specifications state that the included battery has a life of up to 14 hours, or 20 days standby which retains 80% maximum charge after 300 cycles, so after 300 charge and use cycles it should still manage up to 10 hours of usage.

Listening through my music playlist on SoundCloud via the SoundCloud app on my mobile, the T2 managed to deliver some pretty punchy and impressive bass while delivering decent mids and highs. Though this headset is certainly more bass orientated, tonally, the sound seemed natural and palatable. The high-mids seemed to be slightly diminished though remained present, so overall the T2 gave a highly enjoyable listening experience. At max volume, things can sound slightly 'harsh', though it would be unlikely anyone would want to use it at this level for long periods for sake of saving their hearing.

Watching through various videos on Youtube displayed barely any lag, voices and background music had decent seperation giving crisp audio without sounding cluttered. Adi Shankar's Dirty Laundry video certainly had an immersive atmosphere, adding to the brutality of the video.

Answering a call by pressing the large multi function button was simple, though it took a while for the audio to connect through, this could have been due to my aging phone struggling to cope with various things at once, though once connected the phone call was smooth and adequate. Voice quality of the microphone was said to sound 'fine' and 'clear', summarised as 'good for a phone call'.

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