Mionix Naos QG Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅28-10-16

Product on Review: Mionix NAOS QG
Manufacturer and Sponsor: Mionix
Street Price: UK: £119.99, US: $129.99

Mionix created the Naos QG (Quantified Gaming) in association with thousands of Twitchcon viewers and received the backing of more than 800 people via kickstarter. Quite an impressive level of support for the humble hand-held device. So what makes the Naos QC different? Well it isn't the advanced 4 layer rubberised surface, or the awesome 12,000 DPI Pixart PWM3360 sensor. It isn't even the use of the latest ARM Cortex M3 processor. What is interesting is the addition of a Pixart PAH8001EI -2G heart rate sensor that can measure the users heart rate and be displayed live via a special overlay courtesy of the Overwolf app. It also has a GSR (Galvanic Skin Response) sensor that measures the electrical conductivity of the surface of the skin which changes in nuances based on human emotion. Strong emotions, either happiness, joy or fear tend to show dramatic changes. This information, along with advanced tracking and usage information can be recorded and shared via the new Mionix Hub software.

You can expect other features commonly found in gaming mice also including on-board memory to save profiles, OMRON and TTC switches with a total of 7 customisable buttons. The price tag seems steep but for such technology to be implemented for a new way for visual interaction specifically with viewers, or even for sake of curiosity is something rather interesting. Those that have watched the latest season of Black Mirror will also be rather paranoid should game makers start using this information being measured to develop horror games, fortunately you can turn the heart monitor off.

Overview by Mionix
The Naos QG (Quantified Gaming) is a next generation gaming mouse that measures the user’s biometric information and movement data. By
monitoring heart rate and activity in real time via multiple sensors, the Naos QG provides valuable, interesting and fun insights that create a richer
user experience.

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