Mouse Pad Review Roundup - Master, Killer 2, CT, QcK

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅03-09-08
Are you a gamer on a budget? We have 4 gaming mouse pads all in the same price bracket from Nova Gaming, QPAD and Steelseries. We find out how they compare. Gamers know that you can't become highly skilled without the assistance of quality products, of course natural talent and reaction skills are a key factor of being a good gamer and some might say that it doesn't matter what hardware you have but this is not true. Smooth gameplay with the addition of a high end GPU enhances the whole experience and allows the gamer to enjoy their game and improve. Likewise gaming peripherals have been proven to aid gamers on their road to victory.

Sure, having a great gaming mouse is a must if you want to be at the top of your game but so does having a gaming pad. Gaming pad's work hand in hand with the mouse you use, they offer glide and a clean, smooth operation.

To help you decide which pad is the best we have 4 pads up for review today.

Nova Gaming Master
Nova Gaming Killer 2
SteelSeries QcK Heavy

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