MSI GS60 2QE Ghost Pro 3K Gold Edition Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅07-11-14
Closer Look

Premium gold appearance

One of the most prominent attributes of GS60 Gold Edition lies within its name. This limited variant of the GS60 has a premium gold livery which, once again brings a whole new level of luxury.

System Specification
CPU: Intel Core i7-4710HQ
RAM: 16GB 1600MHz DDR3
Storage: Kingston SATA III SSD RAID0 512GB + Hitachi 7200RPM 1TB

Bushed aluminium lid

MSI has equipped GS60 with a professional looking brushed aluminium lid. This lid has a concave design with two accents to add depth to the appearance and as we have seen with other MSI notebooks in the past, the MSI logo and gaming dragon insignia have been placed in the centre.

Stepping away from a traditional black theme gives this notebook an exclusive visual appearance. It definitely stands out and is likely to capture attention and generate discussion.

The underside of the notebook

Flipping GS60 over, there are nine rubber studs to prevent the unit from sliding on smooth surfaces. Towards the back of the unit there is some ventilation and there are some badges for the supporting brands as well as a specifications label detailing the model name/serial number for technical support purposes. Although this reverse side uses the same colour as the top, its base material is plastic rather than aluminium.

It’s customary to be able to detach the battery unit from a notebook and replace it, but GS60 steps away from this by using a 6-Cell Li-Polymer (4840mAh 52Wh) unit which is completely sealed in. Since it’s common to replace the battery in a notebook after prolonged usage, we asked MSI what their stance was on this. The battery is covered by a 1 year warranty and thereafter it is the user’s responsibility to cover the cost of repair.

Various ports for connectivity

Turning our attention to the sides of the notebook we have an assortment of different ports. First on the left side we have ventilation for the graphics card, allocation for a Kensington lock, AC power port, two USB 3.0 ports and headphone/microphone jacks.

Even more functionality

Over on the other side we have a single USB 3.0 port, SD card slot, HDMI port, mini display port, gigabit LAN and more ventilation for the internal components.

So by now you’ll have realised there are no USB 2.0 ports on GS60 – MSI has chosen to kit this notebook out with just USB 3.0 ports instead. Since we have backwards compatibility this won’t create any issues but will future-proof our unit. There is also no optical drive available but oddly MSI supply software CDs with the bundle – it would have been better in this instance to provide a USB stick instead.

15.6” screen offering up to 3K resolution

Flipping the lid on GS60 we are met by a 15.6” screen which has the capabilities to output 3K resolution – up to 2880 x 1620. This LCD screen is backed by the new NVIDIA GTX 970M – without this GPU, GS60 would struggle to run the latest titles at such a high resolution. Our only grip with the configuration MSI has chosen to go with is that using 2880 x 1620 on a 15.6” screen significantly reduces the size of windows, fonts, icons and other such objects and it can be cumbersome to use.

Just above the screen, MSI has included a 720p webcam which will assist with Skype calls or recording vlogs.

Gold styling for the keyboard area too

Turning out attention to the rest of GS60 we can see the gold theme continues to the keyboard area too. Although this is plastic the brush aluminium affect stretches to each corner.

Running along the top of this region there is a speaker strip. The audio on GS60 is supplied by Dynaudio – MSI has partnered with Dynaudio for many years now and in the past we’ve testified to the quality of such products. Dynaudio brings a new level of audio features with realistic and immersive sound. Sound Blaster Cinema 2 is installed on GS60 which works in collaboration with Dynaudio hardware to deliver this premium fidelity.

Exclusive SteelSeries LED backlit keyboard

MSI has also teamed up with SteelSeries to supply an exclusive keyboard for gamers to enjoy. This keyboard is LED backlit and offers a plethora of customisation for both commands, macros and colours – something which is lacking with other gaming notebooks on the market.

The touchpad on GS60 lacks any physical buttons for the left and right click and instead requires the user to press the lower areas for such operation. This isn’t a new implementation for MSI as we’ve criticised it in the past – unfortunately we aren’t a fan, while it may be elegant and in keeping with the design, it’s hard to use and mouse cursor operation is very sensitive.

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