MSI VIGOR GK30 & CLUTCH GM11 Combo Review

👤by Dave Worth Comments 📅03-09-19
Performance Testing

VIGOR GK30 Keyboard

The case with membrane keyboards is that they are usually spongy and unresponsive compared to mechanical keyboards. The VIGOR GK30 bucks this trend somewhat, it sports “mechanical-like” plunger switches. the sponginess is there however this is one of the more responsive membrane type keyboards. We found that the travel distance for the keys was not too dissimilar to a mechanical style switch so after a few minutes getting used to the keyboard we were typing at a slightly lower WPM count than if we were using our daily driver.

In terms of the build quality there is a little flex in the keyboard, it seems there is no backplate underneath the keys. The grip pads on the bottom of the keyboard certainly help keep the keyboard in place and the adjustable feet feel like they would handle a lot of abuse rather easily.


The Clutch GM11 works well for what it is albeit a little on the smaller side for our liking however all the buttons respond well however the scroll wheel is a little bit too loose for our liking.

We are quite fond of the lighting on the mouse, especially the light bar around the bottom of the mouse, The other RGB zone on the mouse is the MSI logo.

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