MSI Vigor GK50 & Clutch GM50 Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅24-06-20
Vigor GK50

Both items arrive in similarly designed boxes – there are no surprises here, there is imagery of the products on the front/back along with a listing of the included features. Both the GK50 and GM5 are well protected inside and come with user manual, a key pulling device and some extra keycaps for the keyboard.

The Vigor GK50 is an attractive looking keyboard with a brushed metal backplate, which sets the tone for the overall design. Not only is this sturdy but it steps away from the bland, black plastic designs that many keyboards adopt. The layout for GK50 is based on a qwerty configuration, with many of the keys doubling up to provide extended functionality. Pressing the dragon key + the left arrow key will allow for a change in colour for example.

Next to numpad MSI has given GK50 the PrintScreen collection some double functions which can apply LED effects directly without having to use the Dragon Center software. However, using Dragon Center will give you comprehensive control over the lighting and functionality.

It’s no wonder that GK50 arrives with low-profile switches via Kailh. This keyboard has a sleek asthetic and this key switch design is ideal for achieving this. There is an audible click with Kailh Low Profile Switches and the travel is noticeably shorter – but they aren’t drastically different to that of Cherry MX reds.

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