Multiplay i41 The Sleepless November LAN

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅16-11-10
i41 LAN Party

The Multiplay Insomnia Gaming LAN has long been a national tradition within the gaming scene as the biggest LAN of the year. Not only national though, indeed in Europe it remains a prestigious event to attend. Running three times a year - Spring, Summer, and Winter, the i41 gaming LAN has just closed its doors after a very successful weekend. We went along to discover what gamers are calling THE event of the year. Enter Insomnia 41 - The Sleepless November LAN.

Banners showing the sponsoring brands

With i41 running in a rather wet and windy November compared to the warmth and sunshine of summer this does have a negative impact on numbers attending. Certainly as i41 does not fall on a bank holiday weekend there did seem to be a distinct lack of numbers there. That said, over 1000 gamers attended (hardly small). Contests within Starcraft 2, Counter Strike and Call of Duty were all well on their way when we arrived. There were two prominent buildings that gamers could find themselves in. The Grandstand, featuring exhibitors, main stage, and 2 stories of fully equipped rooms for gamers to install their rigs in. Over in the other building known as the Berkshire Stand, there was another two stories of gamer filled rooms.

NOTE: File Play covered the event in every bit of detail for your viewing pleasure.

Inside one of the rooms - Grand Stand. Game on!

In and around the racecourse where the event is held there are designated spots for gamers to erect their tents. With temperatures between 1-5C there weren't all that many tents seen. I can understand why! There were even outdoor showers for attendees to 'freshen up' in. Gotta love camping!

Mobile shower unit - freshen up and revitalise those senses

There were running commentaries by Team Dignitas during the Starcraft 2 finals. At first there weren't so many spectators but soon enough there were a good crowd of viewers watching on the gameplay being streamed on 6 - 52" Samsung Plasma screens dotted around the main stage. Great entertainment even if you aren't particularly a fan of this type of game. With commentary running in the background, it makes watching the matches quite exciting, it adds the suspense and injects some hysteria.

The Dignitas guys getting setup for commentary on main stage

Star Craft 2 finals underway. Small audience to start with

Rustlers Gamesafe and Multiplay partnered up for i41 and near the front of the Grand Stand we had a small team of guys intending to break the world record for the 'Longest FPS Marathon'. 32 hours was the record set at Guinness World Records and a judicator was on hand to monitor the team - make sure they don't drop off to sleep etc!! The guys did an exceptional job, although they did look like actual zombies they succeeded in breaking that record. Well done Team Game Safe!

Team Game Safe attempting to break the world record "Longest FPS Marathon"

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