*World Exclusive* Mushkin UltimateFX GeForce GTX 295 Review

👤by James Clewer Comments 📅28-08-09

Product on Review: Mushkin UltimateFX GeForce GTX 295
Manufacturer and Sponsor: Mushkin
Street Price: Unconfirmed

This is a product from one of the godfathers of PC hardware manufacture. Mushkin are a legend in the high performance memory business. Here we have something that i hope will be rather special as they are entering the VGA market with a bang! Here we have the new single PCB 'UltimateFX GeForce GTX 295'... one of the very fastest graphics cards on the market right now.

Mushkin UltimateFX GeForce GTX 295

First things first – a little more information about Mushkin:

Founded in 1994, Mushkin is best known for producing “Enhanced” memory modules. Located at the base of the Rocky Mountains in Denver, Colorado Mushkin provides performance enhanced computer products to users worldwide. Exceptional quality, enhanced performance and unparalleled customer support are what make Mushkin products the best in the industry.

With customers including everyone from Apple Computer and NASA to gamers and web browsers, Mushkin knows what is important to customers - enhanced performance with uncompromised quality. With Mushkin you Get More.

15 years in the business must count for something... lets take a look at the card!

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