Nexus RX-8500 850W Power Supply Review

👤by James Clewer Comments 📅12-07-09
Packaging and closer look:

The Nexus packaging is very subtle. Using primarily black and white along with flashes of orange. The box itself is further shrouded by a plastic shrink wrap. It certainly seems well protected.

Once opened you see that the PSU itself is covered by another plastic wrap and is further enclosed by two pieces of toughened foam panelling.

The adjoining box contains both the captive cabling from the PSU itself (this enters through a hole adjacent to the PSU) and the modular cabling. All cabling has been velcroed to keep it tidy.

As expected from the box design the Nexus RX-8500 is a simple looking unit. Clean lines and a distinct lack of bright LED's and chrome give the impression the Nexus wants to impress by the way it does its job.

The base of the unit contains the 135mm cooling fan. It's a temperature controlled unit and since it's from Nexus i can only assume it's a 'quiet' operator.

Size wise its dimensions (H86mm x W150mm x D164.6mm) are within ATX specifications so will fit happily within any standard ATX case. It's steel construction with a tidy gloss gunmetal paint job.

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