Nexus Silent Mouse SM-9000 Review

👤by James Clewer Comments 📅15-09-11

Product on Review: Silent Mouse SM-9000C
Manufacturer and Sponsor: Nexus
RRP: Around 22

Nexus are a well known and highly respected manufacturer that specialises in fans, coolers, power supplies, a range of accessories and even PC enclosures. They've made a names for themselves in performance computing circles for their high quality quiet components. I've used many of their fans in the past and have reviewed one of their power supplies (the RX-8500) which was excellent.

Nexus have this to say about themselves:

Nexus Technology BV was established in 2000 by a group of experts on heat conductivity and noise reduction in the computer industry. The founders have built up an in depth knowledge and experience on heat conductivity issues and thermal; characteristics by working closely with many of the larger pc manufacturers for several years.

The idea to have a full line of high quality computer components to improve the working environment by reducing noise levels brought the founders together. Continuously developing products to reduce noise levels and consequentially improve heat conductivity and airflow.

Our goal: Building a strong and reliable trademark for silent computing.

Up for review today is the new wireless laser mouse from their SM (Silent Mouse) series. Most of the SM-9000's features are largely as you'd expect for a standard wireless mouse. Only the addition of the patented silent switches (and to some extent the laser optics offered by your average premium products these days) set it out from the competition. These switches still retain the positive feel of clicking the mouse button but do not make any discernable noise in the process.

Nexus say this about the mouse:

Nowadays we are so used to using the PC and we have come acquainted with track pads, multi-touch displays etc. that we no longer need the confirmation of a clicking action. You know when you have clicked or double clicked. You see a graphical reaction of your clicking on the screen and PC's are so fast these days that you practically never have to wait for your PC to respond. So you simply do not need a clicking-sound confirmation of your action... you know when you have clicked or not. So why still hear the clicking sound? Well it turns out that this is part of switching-technology and it is not so easy to remove the physical sound when clicking. We have managed to find a solution. With using some patented switching technology we (finally) have created a soundless/noiseless mouse.


With such a svelte and simple device the specifications list is never going to be expansive but here it is nonetheless.

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