Nitro Concepts S300EX Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅17-04-19

Product on Review: Nitro Concepts S300EX
Manufacturer: Nitro Concepts
Street Price: £239.99 / $289.99

Back in January of last year, we looked at the excellent Nitro Concepts S300 in all-black. The design and value were fantastic and we praised it highly. We also requested in our conclusion that Nitro Concepts introduce a pink/purple option to their available colours and not long after, they introduced the Nebula Purple.

Well, carrying on from the original design, Nitro Concepts have now presented their latest model for review, the S300EX. The only major difference over the S300 is a new covering; while the S300 used an all-cloth fabric outer, the S300EX has been lavishly upgraded with PU faux leather for a more premium feel.

The S300EX also features a large flame stitched into the back section, matching the colour scheme of the chair. Available options are black/white, black/red and black/black; we will be reviewing the Stealth Black today.

The S300EX conforms to DIN EN 1335 and BIFMA standards for ergonomics and is capable of supporting up to 135KG (21 stone). You will also find lumbar and neck cushions included with the chair upon purchase.

Pricing in the UK, at noblechairs, is £239.99, and $289.99 in the US. This puts a small premium on top of the S300, at £25, for the PU leather covering. Is it worth it? Let’s have a look.

Nitro Concepts on the S300EX:
In the age of RGB-lit motherboards, graphics cards, mice, keyboards and monitors, a matching gaming chair was needed in order to complete the scene. The Nitro Concepts S300 EX is breaking new ground, combining optimum ergonomics with extravagant racing looks in bright colours. This symbiosis makes it the ideal gaming chair for lifestyle-conscious gamers.

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