Nova OVER Slide Mouse Pad Review

👤by Andrew Wallace Comments 📅09-12-08
The OVER Slide is Nova's ultimate mouse pad – designed to accompany the Slider X600. We review this new pad and find out if it really does offer better glide than the other pads on the market.

Nova gaming have been producing mouse pads for over 15 years. We have seen some great products from them in the past and most notably their new gaming mouse the Slider X600. It's impressive to see such quality from a company that is still fairly young. I've been gaming for a long time now and I've heard many a gamer recommend Nova gaming pads over at quakenet and also the forums I frequently use with that popular question “Which gaming pad should I buy”. Their reputation for high-quality cutting edge mouse pads is certainly admirable and I look forward to see what Nova introduce in the year 2009.

You might well say that a mouse pad does not give you skill, it comes from a gamer’s talent and the skill is really from the gamer's reactions and know-how. Well, ok then – try entering a tournament and playing game after game for hours on end with just that crummy old beige ball mouse that you gave to the grandma when she started the early learning course down at the local college. Try using that mouse on a bare desk. You will struggle and you will become frustrated when the mouse spins out of control randomly when it hits uneven parts of the desk and you can't make those necessary mouse strokes required at the precise moment before getting fragged. Quality mice and pads aid you, they assist you on the killing sprees leaving you with the hard bit – skill. You wouldn't go into battle with a blunt, rusty old sword and a rotten shield would you? So it is therefore important to arm yourself with the tools for the job it will prove useful when you it the most.

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