Novatech Brawler Pro Full System Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅25-06-09
Novatech are one of the leading retailers in the UK for computer products. Over the 22 years they have been established they have won numerous awards for their outstanding service and quality. Some information taken from their website (

We have 22 years of experience and have supplied millions of IT products to over a million satisfied customers. This means that we can deliver the products you need, at the prices you want, with the service you expect. We always remember you have a choice.

Today we have the privilege of looking at just one of their many pre-built gaming systems the Brawler Pro. (

To many, building a computer can be a daunting task perhaps not just the construction but the selection of compatible components. Whilst retailers have thousands of products to choose from for the confident system builders amongst us, most also host a selection of pre-built systems to counter this. Its a great idea, consumers can simply order a system based on their budget and purpose of use.

Over the page we will take a look at the Brawler Pro and discover how well it holds up to a selection of games, applications and tests.

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