NVIDIA GeForce 347.52 Performance Analysis

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅14-02-15
Performance and Feature Testing

There are two aspects of driver performance we need to analyse for this article: in-game performance improvements against previous patches, and the performance impact of gradually higher levels of DSR. The former will allow us to assess whether GPU performance boost are system-wide with the latest Nvidia drivers or game-specific, and the latter gives us some indication of whether DSR is particularly impactful on game performance.

We first needed to choose a baseline from which we could compare results. Nvidia’s launch drivers – codename 344.11 - for the Maxwell performance parts made a whole lot of sense, and give us a good four months over which Nvidia will have improved their drivers. It also encompasses the Game Day Driver releases for Assassin’s Creed Unity and Far Cry 4, two of the most up to date titles we have in this testing regime, from which improvements have been baked into the main driver release.

Initial tests looked at the performance difference in a range of games and synthetic benchmarks to assess how well the new drivers had incorporated application-specific improvements and if across the board performance had been unlocked by the GeForce 347.52 drivers. Subsequent tests analysed Nvidia Dynamic Super Resolution, looking at not only performance but also qualitative impact on the experience.

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