NZXT FX 120 and FX 140 Fan Review

👤by James Clewer Comments 📅31-05-11

The 140mm comes in packaging that besides physical size and some information is all but identical. A neat and effective design that shows off the fan nicely.

Box front.

The rear (shown for posterity) is again virtually identical with only slight adjustments in specification.

Box rear.

After unpacking you can see that the additional extras are again familiar... four standard metal case screws, four silicone mounts and a molex to 3 pin adapter which as with the 120mm is supplied connected to the fans standard 3-pin cable. Unlike the 120mm model the 140mm uses a 9 bladed fan design.

Fan and extras.

As you can see the blades are more densely packed so it will be interesting to see how this effects performance.

Densely packed blades.

Cabling is identical to the 120mm model with the standard 3-pin feed and molex adapter and the 3 speed switch.

Power and speed control cabling.

This switch allows the user to select the desired speed of the fan to tailor the unit to the users preferred balance of performance versus noise.

The three speed switch.

The rear of the fan again sports an NZXT label outlining the presence of the Fluid Dynamic Bearing along with additional model and specification information.

Fan rear.

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