NZXT FX 120 and FX 140 Fan Review

👤by James Clewer Comments 📅31-05-11

Well this is certainly a different offering from NZXT.

Whilst capable of fairly unobtrusive running when set at the lowest controller setting the medium and high settings really do unleash a tidal wave of performance. For power users looking for high CFM and high pressure running these two fans provide excellent performance that can't be ignored.

Of course not every user will want blazing performance (and to a certain extent noise) but 1) I don't think that's what these have been designed specifically for and 2) in that event I'd consider running these off an additional fan controller.

NZXT should be commended for producing such a high performance fan that seems nicely designed and flexible enough to be used in a fairly large range of setups at the enthusiast range of the spectrum.

+ Massive performance from the Medium and High speed settings
+ Excellent airflow and pressure at Medium and High
+ Good airflow and pressure at Lowest setting
+ Resonance and largely click free performance
+ Braided cabling
+ Useful speed switch
+ 2 Year warranty

- Not the quietest but unsurprising considering raw performance
- Very slight clicking at Lowest speed setting

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