NZXT Avatar S Gaming Mouse Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅24-07-11

Product on Review : Avatar S Gaming Mouse
Manufacturer and Sponsor : NZXT
Street Price: £30 inc. VAT (GBP)

Just last month NZXT unveiled a new gaming mouse to replace the discontinued Avatar. The Avatar S is NZXT’s 2nd peripheral to date and features a 1600 DPI Laser sensor. A stark contrast to the 2600 DPI optical sensor found on the original Avatar gaming mouse. This new release hopes to offer a cheaper, more affordable option for gamers with an on-the-fly DPI adjustment system and 16kb of onboard memory for customisation via software. Available in black or white the Avatar Seeks to offer an alternative, sylish look to the desk whilst pursuing the ‘white craze’ that seems to be dominating the computer case market.

Will the Avatar S be able to live up to the good reputation of its older counterpart? Let’s begin our analysis of NZXT’s Avatar S.

If you are looking for a simple, precise, and flexible option for firm gaming control at your fingertips, the NZXT Avatar S Gaming Mouse is for you. Crafted with Teflon feet for gliding action on any surface, Avatar S is armed with a 1000Hz polling rate to match your reflexes and 30 inches per second tracking to match your speed.

Personalize mouse settings such as default DPI (1600/800/400), in-game macros, media keys, and X-Y sensitivity, LED settings and save your favorite setting profile to your 16Kb Onboard Memory for on-the-go gaming. A hardware DPI switch also allows DPI change while gaming.

Max Speed
- 30 Inches/Second
Max Acceleration
- 20g
- 400-1600 DPI
- 5 Buttons
Onboard Memory
- 16Kb

• Precision and Flexibility: 1600 DPI laser sensor with 1600/800/400 • •
• DPI settings out of the box
• Tracking speed of 30 inches per second and acceleration up to 20G
• Hardware DPI switch allows for driver-less DPI switch while in game
without the hassle of drivers
• 16Kb Onboard Memory stores 1 profile of macros/key assignments ,
dpi settings, polling rate, X-Y master sensitivity, and LED settings for
gaming on-the-go
• Narrow and medium sized mice ideal for users that prefer a thinner
and lower profile form
• Ambidextrous design ideal for both left and right handed users
• LED on/off settings
• Teflon feet for effortless gliding on any surface
• 5 Key programmable mice
• Immense customizability: Ability to modify default DPI settings
individually, setup in-game macros, media keys, and X-Y sensitivity
• Polling rate of 1000Hz

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