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Closer Look

DOKO is an extremely small and lightweight device. It measures just 108mm x 29mm x 121mm and weighs less than 1KG. NZXT has chosen to use a soft rubberised material for the external shell which feels great, but does pickup dust quite easily. The DOKO insignia is engraved within the top panel of the device and overall we think this device looks very classy.

On the front edge of DOKO there are a series of four USB 2.0 ports (USBoverIP-enabled) for connecting navigation devices such as keyboards, mice and controllers. A power LED is also located at the front, along with a large power button.

On the reverse there is a DC power port for use with the 12V adapter, HDMI port for visual (and audio) connectivity, an audio port for speakers/headphones and a gigabit LAN (RJ45) port for use with the Ethernet cable.

Its important to note that there is no wireless functionality with DOKO and therefore the Ethernet cable is the only method in which to gain connectivity with other devices on your network. This can present somewhat of an issue if you want to stream content from a TV/device which is located in another room or level to that of the router a trailing cable will need to be connected at each point. However, we do appreciate that a wireless connection would present performance issues due to bandwidth and therefore its totally understandable why NZXT opted for a wired connection for this unit.

Flipping DOKO over, the NZXT logo is engraved in the very centre and a selection of four rubber domes are placed in each corner to act as feet. These domes also prevent the unit from slipping on smooth surfaces.

Underneath each dome there is a screw, which upon removing all four, will give the user access to the inner-workings of DOKO, as per below!

Opening DOKO up, we have a small blue, PCB. This PCB (among other components) features a Wonder Media 8750 processor, Nanya 256MB DDR3, 8MB SPII Flash (Samsung NAND Flash). Its noticeable that DOKO has no active cooling, nor does it require it and as such presents zero noise emission.

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