NZXT Source 210 Elite Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅05-08-11

The front of Source 210 Elite has a plain fascia with a matt finish to it. The appearance is that of brushed aluminium but this is plastic. The NZXT emblem can be seen in the bottom left corner, above we have a large power button and smaller reset button. 3x 5.25 drive bays and at the very top are the front panel controls. We will look a little closer at these further down the page.

Spinning the case round to look at the rear we have an opening at the bottom for mounting the PSU. Above this there is a ventilated mesh panel and 7x PCI expansion slots, the covers do not have ventilation holes. Above this we have the mesh panel for the 120mm rear exhaust fan.

The front and back of the Source 210 Elite

Taking a closer look at the front panel connectivity we have a limited number of ports here due to the fact that NZXT are classifying this case as a budget offering to keep the costs down some elements need trimming down. So here we have a headphone and microphone jack and a single USB3.0 and single USB2.0 port. The USB3.0 port will connect to a USB3.0 header on the motherboard, if you have one.

The front panel with USB3.0

On the underside of the case we have 4 rubber feet to prevent the case from slipping. The PSU has no dust filter.

The underside of Source 210 Elite

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