NZXT Source 210 Elite Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅05-08-11

The side panels on the Source 210 Elite are fixed in place via 2 thumbscrews. Once removed we can take a look at the internals of the case. The immediate impression from an overview of the interior is that for quite a compact mid-tower it appears quite spacious. There are cable management cut-outs for keeping things tidy and there is a range of tool-less design mechanisms for attaching devices. We have 2 included fans – a 120mm rear exhaust and a 140mm top exhaust. Again, due to keeping costs down we have no front mounted intake fans. Having only exhaust fans and no intake will probably impede airflow but we still have the option of installing dual 120mm fans at the front of the case. More on cooling a little later.

The inside of Souce 210 Elite. A spacious mid-tower

Around the back again a reasonable amount of space and features – including a large CPU cooler backplate cut-out.

Behind the motherboard tray

Moving inside for a closer look, we can see that the PSU seating area doesn’t have any anti-vibration pads. Metal on metal is only going to result in scratching – really NZXT ought to have had something implemented here to avoid this from happening. There is no dust filter on the underside of mesh here but we do have another mesh panel beside the PSU for attaching a 120mm fan.

Area for mounting the PSU

Further up from the PSU we have the PCI slot covers, there are 7 in total - each require a screwdriver in order to be removed.

7 PCI slot covers

In terms of cooling the Source 210 Elite has a 120mm rear exhaust and a 140mm top exhaust. The 140mm fan can be connected via Molex or 3-pin and the 120mm fan can be connected via 3-pin. At the top of the case we can also fit an additional 120/140mm fan.

The cooling fans inside Source 210 Elite

There are 3x 5.25” bays for optical drives – each drive has a tool-less mechanism for fixing into place. The way in which this works is that the latch is squeezed in and pulled back – 2 pins on the latch then marry up with the holes on the optical drive.

Optical drives have tool-less mechanism for installation

Likewise, beneath the optical drive section we also have tool-less design for installing 3.5” drives. A total of 9x 3.5” drives can be installed within the HDD cage and attaching a drive is very easy, the latch pictured fits into the drives screw-holes and the nob is turned to the lock position.

HDDs also have tool-less design

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