OCZ DDR3 PC3-12800 4GB AMD Black Edition Dual Channel Kit Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅15-08-10

The OCZ Black Edition 1600MHz DDR3 kit has shown that it is a great performer out of the packet and has massive headroom for overclocking ability. I was able to overclock the modules by up to 400MHz, and this was with very little tinkering of settings and I am fairly certain with further investigation - by tweaking voltages, timings and frequencies this memory can go further. By further I don\'t just mean higher frequencies, because as we have seen it isn\'t all about greater DRAM frequency but a combination of tight timings, supported with good DRAM frequency.

One of the benefits of having such great performing memory with lots of potential is that it doesn\'t conflict with any other hardware within the motherboard arena. It has low profile heatspreaders and fits snuggly into the lanes on any DDR3 ready motherboard allowing you to get on by with even the biggest of CPU coolers.

Retailing at 110 the OCZ Black Edition DDR3 memory but can be had for under 100 at various places which makes it a decent buy if you are on the AMD platform. Of course, going down the AMD route means that you are settling with a dual channel kit as opposed to a triple channel kit which does have its benefits because most kits of this speed rating start from around the 160 mark.

+ Very easy to overclock
+ Affordable
+ Great clearance for CPU Coolers
+ Lifetime warranty

- There really are none

Based upon the impressions the Black Edition kit has left me with, it is my pleasure to award OCZ with the Gold Award.

We would like to thank OCZ Technology for providing this kit for review. Discuss this review on our forums

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