OCZ RevoDrive 350 Review

👤by Richard Weatherstone Comments 📅21-07-14
Packaging & First Look

The front of the package shows us a picture of the drive while the rear of the goes into greater detail revealing the features and specification of the drive. Removing the outer sleeve reveals a discreet but glossy cardboard inner with just the new OCZ logo.

The drive itself is contained in plastic blister pack to protect against ESD while this is held fast in a brace to prevent the drive from sliding around in the box. Other than a driver CD there is nothing else, not so much as a case badge to advertise your pride and joy. While we can understand not adding anything to keep the costs down, for the price of this item I would have expected something a little more luxurious, at least as far as the accessories are concerned. We aren't even afforded a hard copy of an installation/instruction manual. Okay, this product is pretty much plug'n'play and you would have to be fairly dim not to plug this in a PCIe port but not having an instruction manual, not even a troubleshooting guide is poor.

The drive itself is a stunner all right and will certainly draw looks of admiration from passers buy if it should find itself on display in a 'windowed' enclosure. We liked the look of this drive so much it would be criminal not to have it on display. There are however some issues with the aesthetics which we will describe overleaf.

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