OCZ RevoDrive X2 240GB PCIe SSD Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅14-03-11

Rarely do you find a product that is revolutionary in its approach to computing. We have seen many products come into our hands at Vortez which could be classed as innovative, but revolutionary? This is an entirely different thing altogether. The RevoDrive X2 is the perfect example of a product that is both innovative and revolutionary.

Since seeing OCZ's PCIe solutions at CeBIT 2011. I have been keen to get these drives onto the test bench for examination. Our RevoDrive X2 today features 4 x SF1200 controllers and the PCIe interface so available is a massive expanse of bandwidth when comparing versus the typical SATA SSD. Of course you could go and buy 4 x SATA-II SSDs that are SATA-III and get similar (but not quite on par by any means) performance but then you are going to need 4 x SATA-III ports.

The RevoDrive X2 provides the end user with storage performance that has never been experienced before. Take for example in real-world terms the boot up time with Windows 7. A typical 3.5" HDD using the SATA-II interface takes over a minute, and SSD using the SATA-II (3G) interface over 30 seconds - so half the time... and then we come to the RevoDrive X2 - PCIe interface, 14 seconds.

Priced at 500 - The RevoDrive X2 equals that of 2 x 120GB SSDs but you get blistering performance in 1 solution. To me that seems like a no brainer, most users have spare PCIe lanes so if you are looking for the fastest drive out there with a fair amount of storage space then the RevoDrive X2 is ideal. Many are using drives are small as 80GB for primary OS anyway.

The bottom line is, the RevoDrive X2 is a record-breaker, it unleashes performance that we have never experience for storage devices. Put simply, if you are looking for the fastest SSD drive for a bootable OS then this is a fantastic choice. You will be the envy if your friends and be able to take advantage of an excellent 3-year warranty deal. At Vortez we are yet to give out the platinum award because as you would imagine a product has to tick every single box in terms of performance, build quality and price. We can confidently affirm that the RevoDrive X2 is a good value for money product (you are going to pay the same amount of money for 2 x 120GB SATA-II SSDs). It is therefore my pleasure to hand out the very first PLATINUM award at Vortez. Congratulations OCZ.

+ Blistering performance
+ 4 x Sandforce Controllers in 1 solution
+ Frees up SATA ports for more storage
+ 3 year warranty
+ Good value for money product
+ 8W when active

- There are none

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