OCZ RevoDrive X2 240GB PCIe SSD Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅14-03-11
Closer Look

So lets take a closer look at the RevoDrive X2. Obviously, this SSD is completely different to the typical SSD you would usually buy with SATA interface. Our RevoDrive X2 utilises the PCIe interface (4x). The X2 is in fact very similar to the original RevoDrive but the X2 has dual PCB with 4 x Sandforce controllers - SF-1200s. 2 are located on the main PCB and a further 2 on the smaller PCB.

These additional Sandforce Controllers boost sequential performance up to 740MB/s with sustained write speeds up to 600MB/s as you have seen on the packaging.

It essence, with these 4 controllers it would be like having 4 x 2.5" SATA SSDs. Although you would need 4 x SATA ports whereas the RevoDrive X2 just needs 1 - x4 lane. Of course, SATAII would bottleneck at around 200MB/s and SATAIII - 500MB/s. PCIe offers much more bandwidth for the drive to play with, 3Gbps would offer around 300MB/s whereas the PCIe x4 allows peed of up to 1GB/s.

First look at RevoDrive X2 SSD

Dual PCB - 4 x Sandforce

The RevoDrive X2 uses a PCI-X based Raid Controller - Silicon Image 3124. Using the PCIe interface allows us to divert any performance bottlenecks which the traditional SATA SSD would experience.

In simple terms, between the RAID controller and PCIe interface is Pericom PCI-X - PCIe bridge. From here parallel signals from the PCI-X are converted into serial.

Silicon image RAID controller - Model 3124 SoftRaid 5

RevoDrive X2 has 4 x SF1200

To dismantle the 2nd PCB from the RevoDrive X2 - 6 screws have to be removed. With the PCB removed we can see the 2 additional Sandforce Controllers. The secondary board simply clips into the primary board. With this additional board it means the controllers can be duplicated and the NAND flash capacity.

The PCBs dismantled - showing additional Sandforce Controllers

Of course, being a RAID-0 device, the RevoDrive X2 comes with no TRIM support but there is garbage collection at idle state.

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