Ozone Lepton & Neutron Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅17-12-13
LEPTON Gaming Pad

Measuring 360 x 260 x 2.5mm, Lepton is a medium sized mouse pad which has a monochrome theme, there are no stand-out design features except for the Ozone logo and model name which can be partially seen in each corner.

The top surface is semi-granular and features a rigid surface an alternative to the common cloth gaming surface. Ozone claim that Lepton is designed for precision.

A neutral design which is easy on the eye

Lepton offers a thickness of just 2.5mm. Ozone have furnished the gaming pad with a middle layer which is gives a distinctive red accent to the pad. The lower layer is soft and rubberised to prevent Lepton from slipping on smooth surfaces.

A closeup of the top surface

Rubberised underside for stability

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