Ozone Lepton & Neutron Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅17-12-13
NEUTRON Gaming Pad

Neutron is larger than Lepton, measuring 413 x 290 x 4mm. The dimensions aren’t the only differing feature either; Neutron has a slight splash of colour in the upper right and lower left corners for the model name and logo. Neutron has upper cloth construction and has a degree of stiffness from the middle and underside materials, too much flexibility is often a weakness for cloth gaming pads so this particular attribute is a welcomed one.

An overview of Neutron

Upper cloth surface material

On the underside of Neutron there is a tacky rubberised material, just like the one found on Lepton. This prevents the pad from slipping on smooth surfaces.

The underside of Neutron

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