Ozone Lepton & Neutron Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅17-12-13
Performance Testing


There are many uses for a mouse and gaming pad combo but the most obvious use is for those who are concerned about performance. Lepton and Neutron are vastly different in their surface texture but are still relatively smooth which is more suited towards low-sensitivity gaming. Pads which have a rougher surface tend to matched better with high-sensitivity use.

What is evident from using both Lepton and Neutron with either Laser or Optical gaming mice (Xenon Optical SteelSeries Xai Laser) is that both perform flawlessly. Using both types of sensor present no tracking issues at all.

Following many hours of usage, the rubberised material on both pads ensure no accidental slippage. When you are deep in a gaming sessions the last thing you want is for the pad to travel and cause unpredictable movement.


Those investing in either Lepton or Neutron won't always be using the pad within a gaming environment - we all browse the internet, use office applications and some of us use graphic design software suites. So how does it perform in this area of use?

It’s important for graphic designers to have a reliable set of peripherals. The mouse and pad are a key element in accuracy within graphic design. The last thing you want when you are intricately designing graphics is mouse stutter, pauses and inconsistencies and thankfully both pads successfully deliver a reliable experience in this area too.

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