Ozone Neon Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅26-02-14
Software & Performance

Bundled with Neon is Ozone’s software to fully customise the gaming mouse. Although the overall appearance and presentation could be improved (by making it clearer and less cluttered) the available options are all-encompassing. Sensitivity profiles can be adjusted, scrolling speeds, pointer speeds and other general attributes can be modified.

We’re also pleased to see that advanced settings such as polling rates and response rates can be altered too.


Neon is quite a lightweight mouse and as such requires less force to navigate with. Even though it is on the light side, it still has a flat and even base which is exactly what you want when operating such a device.

Due to Neon being a reasonably thin mouse, its ideal for small-medium sized hands. Reaching the buttons is no problem at all because they have been placed nearby and in reliable locations. The scrolling wheel on the mouse passes through increments and is neither too smooth nor tough which is something we really like to see. One particular feature which is extremely handy is the DPI selector, this has LED profiling and you can (as above) tweak these profiles so that the sensitivity is assigned to different colours for different games.

In terms of comfort, Neon features just one type of material which the hand comes into contact with and whilst we had no problems with the hand slipping (even after long gaming sessions), having multiple textures can enhance the comfort and grip.

During our testing we used the mouse for many hours in Windows, editing pictures and browsing the internet in order to gauge how Neon responds to general usage. We can report that within this environment the mouse handles all tasks very well and is particularly precise when it comes to editing pictures which require pinpoint accuracy.

In the gaming arena Neon works very well in different genres. We found it responded very well to FPS titles and offers good tracking and glide when used with both cloth and hard surfaced gaming pads. The DPI switch stands out as a notable advantage during gaming sessions because you can shift to different sensitivities without having to ALT+tab or modify within the said game.

So, in general we found this mouse to be reliable, accurate and comfortable to use in a range of different environments.

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