Ozone Oxygen Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅15-07-13

Product on review: Ozone Oxygen In-Ear Progaming Headset
Manufacturer: Ozone Gaming
Street Price: 25 inc VAT

Gaming on the go is increasingly becoming one of the most popular pastimes and many 'put up' with the audio from integrated solutions on their notebooks, tablets and smartphones. Many are likely familiar with the usual throw in in-ear solutions as their go-to portable headpiece to enable a richer audio experience from their portable devices. Traditional over ear cans can be a drag to lug around, even the ones that fold and fit in a case, where as with a pair of earphones you can just stash them in your pocket or anywhere they can fit. This in mind, it becomes apparent as to why the guys at Ozone Gaming decided to release an in ear solution. The oxygen comes in with impressive specifications at a competitive price.

Overview by Ozone
Size matters, its true, but in Ozone we have managed to pack an incredible amount of sound into this small Oxygen In-ear progaming headset. This amazing headset has a genuine ability to fulfill a dual role in your life. Not only created to enjoy hardcore E-Sports game session but also to be used in real sports. You can also use your new Oxygen headset in many electronic devices thanks to the extension adapters that you will find in your Oxygen headset.

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