Ozone Strike Pro Spectra Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅18-07-17
Packaging & First Look
The packaging of the Ozone Strike Pro Spectra will stand out from the crowd, the inks used are vibrant and catch the eye, making the packaging look very appealing. The overall covering is a dark grey matte finish, with glossy sections highlighting the features.

The rear of the packaging is much the same as the front, but with added detail and more description of the main selling points.

After removing the thin, card outer-sleeve, the keyboard is held in place inside a double-layer corrugated cardboard box, offering excellent protection during transit while also looking pretty classy.

Popping open the box reveals the keyboard encased within a soft cloth bag, sealing out any dust and moisture to help ensure your shiny new gadget reaches you in the best possible condition.

Inside the box, along with the keyboard, is a 75mm x 75mm Ozone sticker, some replacement rubber feet and a full-colour user manual.

Initial impressions of the Spectra are good; with the dark grey colour and very prominent badging on the bottom-left.

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