Patriot Viper 3 Black Mamba Edition 8GB 2133MHz DDR3 Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅26-07-12

Product on Review: Viper 3 Series
Manufacturer and Sponsor: Patriot
Street Price: £47.99 / $55 (At time of review)

Patriot Memory are a well-established brand. Being founded in 1985 they have already developed an extensive product range spanning memory, SSDs, flash media and NAS devices. We’ve reviewed many of Patriot Memory’s products here at Vortez and they have proven to be reputable. Ticking the boxes for performance, quality and pricing. Today Patriot Memory launch a new product and we are on hand to deliver our verdict.

The Viper Series has been synonymous with style and speed and today we see the Series enter its 3rd Generation; Viper 3. Viper 3 uses a custom designed head-spreader and has been tailored for dual and quad channel ready motherboards in a variety of capacities – 8GB, 16GB and 32GB and with frequencies from 1600MHz up to 2133MHz.

Today we will be taking a look at an 8GB (2x4GB) 2133MHz dual channel DDR3 kit designed for use with Intel’s 6 and 7 Series. Can this Black Mamba edition blow everything out of the water? Let’s find out.

Patriot Memory on Viper 3 Series
Patriot Memory's Viper 3 Series are designed with true performance in mind. Tested and compatible with Intel's® and AMD's DDR3 compatible processors and chipsets, The Viper 3 series provides the best performance and stability for the most demanding computer environments.

The Viper 3 series utilizes a custom designed high performance heat shield for superior heat dissipation to ensure rock solid performance even when using the most taxing applications. Built from the highest quality Build of Materials, Patriot Memory's Viper 3 Series are hand tested and validated for system compatibility.

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