QPAD CT KODE5 DOTA Limited Edition Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅17-05-09

So that we can gauge whether the QPAD CT LE KODE5 is a decent pad, I will be putting it through its paces and seeing how it performs in its intended surroundings – gaming. As with all reviews in the mouse pad genre, the testing phase can be quite opinionated. I will be commenting on its performance solely – how well it works. The design, styling and visuals are down to personal preference. So to test the CT LE KODE5 I will be using it whilst playing 30 minutes 3 different genre of game. First-person shooter, 3rd person action adventure and real-time strategy. The games of choice are:

Prince of Persia
War Hammer 40,000: Dawn of War II

After playing each title for the allotted time, I was left with a very high opinion of the CT LE KODE5. My Logitech MX-518 had no problem tracking whatsoever and the glide actions felt extremely smooth. I decided to test in 3 different genres as the movements in each are completely different. I must say that there were no problems experienced in any of the above games, no pad movement at all. Compared to playing with a pad, the CT LE KODE5 improves gameplay significant; I really like the Hybratek surface and it’s obvious that this material enhances accuracy.

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