QPAD CT KODE5 DOTA Limited Edition Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅17-05-09

The QPAD CT KODE5 DOTA Limited Edition is an outstanding pad. On every level it really is one of the best gaming pads on the market.

It might be down to personal preference with the appearance of the design but even so, you will agree that the effort and skills used in this aspect are second to none. I personally really like the design and visually this pad is impressive.

The surface as I’ve mentioned is supreme, team it up with a decent gaming mouse and you may well be on track for gaming stardom.

The only downside that I can identify with this product is the cost. 35EURO for a pad could be a problem for some. But, if money isn’t a problem then I would urge you to invest in this pad as it’s simply remarkable.

Vortez Hardware would like to thank QPAD for providing this pad. To discuss this review please visit our forum.

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