QPAD QH-85 Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅25-02-14

Product on Review: QPAD QH-85
Manufacturer: QPAD
Street Price: £71.99 (At time of Review)

We were impressed with the QPAD QH-90 so we were excited to take a look at the open backed QH-85 headset. Again we are fronted with the same exceptional quality from the packaging to product in a minimalistic decor that many will associate with QPAD.

The primary difference that will affect people’s choice between the QH-90 and QH-85 is that the former is closed backed and the latter is open. What that means is, literally, a closed back is sealed, reducing sound leakage going in or out, where an open earcup will leak just as much sound out as it pumps into your ears. There are advantages to using an open back of which some may prefer, such as creating a much more natural 'airy' experience with a larger 'out of head' soundstage with more detailed high tones at a trade-off of losing some bass impact.

Overview by QPAD
The ability to hear and interact with game audio actually gives you a competitive edge. In many popular titles, skilled players will actively use sound as means of telling where their enemies are. Sound is often a crucial piece of information when deciding how to act and react in many situations.

Of course, you will need a headset capable of reproducing all nuances and frequencies. The Hi-Fi capability of the new QPAD QH-85 will not only open a world of magical sounds for you, it can also give you an advantage in many games. The QH-85 is not just a headset, they are a pair of hi-fi capable headphones equipped with a premium microphone.

The QH-85:s are designed with open cups and will produce a natural sound with clear bass, mids and highs. The open design allows for some sound leakage from the surrounding environment.

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