Razer Abyssus Mirror Special Edition Gaming Mouse Review

👤by Vinh Thai Comments 📅01-07-10
The Razer Abyssus Mirror was designed to be a straight-forward and simple gaming mouse. Taking its roots from the original Abyssus, the newer Abyssus Mirror is a highly responsive mouse thanks to its excellent infrared sensor capable of sensing up-to 3500 DPI and its polling rate of up-to 1000 Hz. No drift control assures that all mouse movements are perfectly translated to the cursor movement, providing an optimal gaming and overall experience.

Designed to be ambidextrous, the Abyssus Mirror excels in terms of comfort with its carefully placed ridges that provide adequate spots where fingertips may rest upon and tightly grip the mouse. Both palm grip and fingertip grips feel natural with this mouse. The high gloss mirror finish is an insane fingerprint magnet, but its smoothness provides a great feeling when holding the mouse and the surface is not slippery.

Tactile feedback and button clicking noise are just right with the exception of the scroll wheel when spun upwards, which will give off a loud clunking sound. Buttons are large and are easy to depress without fatiguing the hand.

The Razer logo lights up when the mouse is powered on. Its intensity is just enough and it adds to the overall look of the mouse that basically says “serious business”.

The cons of the Razer Abyssus Mirror include the more or less strategically placed DPI and polling rate switches, the absence of profiles, the clunky sounding scroll wheel, only 3 buttons and the price tag. The lack of extra buttons will disappoint some. Indeed, extra buttons can be convenient when assigned particular macros for both gaming or normal usage. The price tag is probably the largest shortcoming of the Razer Abyssus Mirror.

Marketed a zero non-sense mouse with the essential gaming features, the Razer Abyssus Mirror should have had a lower price tag. Albeit a MSRP of €39.99/US$49.99 is similar to its competitors, such as the SteelSeries Kinzu (Vortez Hardware’s Review: Link) and the Microsoft SideWinder X3 (Microsoft: Link), the older but still popular Logitech MX518 optical gaming mouse (Logitech: Link) can be had for the same price. Because of that, the Razer Abyssus Mirror should be on your shortlist if you’re planning to purchase the mouse at regular price. Fortunately, in online retailers, the Razer Abyssus Mirror can be found online for as low as CAD$33, in Canada, (Original) (PriceCanada: Link) or £31.57, in Europe, (Mirror) (cclonline.com: Link). At this price, the mouse becomes much more attractive and it becomes a good purchase.

The Razer Abyssus Mirror Special Edition Gaming Mouse


+ 2 year warranty after product registration
+ Adjustable DPI and polling rate without software
+ Customizable buttons and sensitivity (with on-the-fly sensitivity adjustment) through software
+ High gloss mirror finish is smooth, non-slip and easy to clean
+ Highly responsive thanks to high DPI sensitivity and polling rate
+ Large buttons and scroll wheel with good tactile feedback
+ Long and lightweight 7-feet USB cable
+ Long-term comfort with both palm grip and fingertip grip
+ No drift control
+ Powered-on light is just the right intensity
+ Quality documentation (and stickers!) with no wasteful driver CD
+ Smooth surface gliding thanks to the three quality Teflon feet


- Clunky and cheap sounding scroll wheel
- Excessive packaging material
- High gloss mirror finish is easy to dirty (but easy to clean also)
- Lack of profiles in both software and hardware
- Only 3 buttons
- Price tag leaves more to be desired

The Razer Abyssus Mirror Special Edition mouse deserves the Vortez Hardware Gold Award

We would like to again thank Razer for providing us with this sample. To discuss this article or product, please visit our forums

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