Razer Abyssus Mirror Special Edition Gaming Mouse Review

👤by Vinh Thai Comments 📅01-07-10
Packaging and Contents
The Razer Abyssus Mirror comes in a stylish and attractive black paper box. Various colours are used, but the overall feel of the package is that this is one dangerous mouse. Indeed, without forgetting that it is on fire, the mouse with its glossy black finish shows that it means serious business. The top left of the package reminds us that this is the Mirror Special Edition of the Razer Abyssus. Again, the “Mirror” part of the name denotes the fact that the mouse has a glossy mirror finish. The top middle of the package says “essential ambidextrous gaming mouse”. This pretty much describes the product in a nutshell.

The front of the packaging

At the back of the packaging, we see various information regarding the product itself, including its specifications (given in 14 languages), system and hardware requirements, and features (with handy footnotes describing specific regions of the mouse). The Razer Abyssus Mirror is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista and the latest Windows 7. It is good to know that the mouse will work on most Windows systems out of the box

The right and left side of the packaging gives further information on the product, including a general description of the product and explanations for the Razer Precision 3.5G infrared sensor, the buttons and the hardware switches.

The back of the packaging

The front of the packaging is covered by a lid that is held in place by a bit of Velcro. With the lid opened, we can see the Razer Abyssus Mirror in all its glory. This is a good packaging design to let potential buyers see the product. There is unfortunately not enough space to grip the mouse with your hand for testing purposes though.

On the back of the lid, we see an explanation of what an Abyssus is. In fact, the mouse was named after a venomous pit viper subspecies, the Crotalus Oreganus Abyssus, found only in the United States. The common name of this animal is the Grand Canyon Rattlesnake. In a nutshell, the Razer Abyssus Mirror is suppose to be a deadly mouse, especially in precision gaming.

The front of the packaging with the lid opened

Opening the box, we find that the Razer Abyssus Mirror is contained in a bright green poisonous box. Behind this box we can find an envelope that is folded in a complicated manner. This latter contains the manual and the other accessories of the mouse.

The box inside the other box

With everything taken out of the packaging, we find that the contents are the Razer Abyssus Mirror mouse, the user manual, the certificate of authenticity, a product description sheet, a quick start guide, a product catalogue and two stickers of the Razer logo.

The package contents

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