Razer Atheris Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅24-10-17
Closer Look
The Razer Atheris appears to take a great deal from the Razer Lancehead, which we reviewed a couple of months ago. Those grips on either side featuring the horizontal lines, the chunky, studded scroll wheel and the gunmetal colour, they’re all reminiscent of the Lancehead. Still, it looks great!

Looking at the mouse from the front, there’s a huge void under the scroll wheel. The ambidextrous shape and flat top mean the mouse looks very wide.

Despite the ambidextrous chassis, Razer has only placed thumb buttons on the left-hand-side which may annoy some lefties. The mouse is roughly 100mm in length, ensuring the device remains decidedly mobile.

The right-hand-side mirrors the left almost perfectly, only lacking those thumb buttons.

Looking at the mouse from the back, you can see those grips come all the way to the back. That Razer logo is etched into the top shell, though it lacks any kind of RGB to preserve battery life.

Just behind the scroll wheel is the DPI selection button, which is configured within the software. This button contains a small LED which displays connection statuses via a blue or green LED.

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