Razer Chroma Hardware Development Kit Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅09-10-17
Packaging & Closer Look
The packaging that these products arrive in aren’t the flashiest or best looking, but they offer ample protection and house the components securely. After all, the packaging gets flung to one side anyway.

The hardware controller features an unbelievably sticky backing to attach it under your desk, inside your case, on the back of your monitor or just about anywhere you fancy. The controller houses two 20-pin connectors on each edge, with the Micro-USB and 5v DC power input on one end. The controller measures 100mm x 70mm x 15mm.

Razer has conveniently included a power adaptor for the several regions, along with a Molex power cable to help with internal routing when used inside a PC case.

The LED strips are sticky backed to make installation as easy as possible. Once they’re stuck down, you’ll be hard-pressed to move them, so choose your positioning wisely and take your time.

The LED strips can be connected directly, or extended with the 280mm extension cables, these can be daisy-chained if you require more length but that will hinder the placement options of the other strips. Razer has printed lines on the strips to indicate where they can be cut if you find they’re too long for your requirements; this could be handy inside a computer case, though you may find this a little daunting when spending around £15 per strip.

The connectors utilise a shaped head to prevent them being inserted incorrectly, though Razer’s choice to use two rows of 10 pins does make things slightly awkward, they feel prone to damage so care should be taken.

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