Razer Hammerhead USB-C ANC Review

👤by Weston Dakin Comments 📅17-11-18

Product on Review: Razer Hammerhead USB-C ANC
Manufacturer: Razer
Street Price: £79.99 GBP / $99.99 US / $169.95 AUS

Razer already has a high status within the PC market, and they’re now looking to extend that further into the mobile audio arena. Razer has already dabbled in this space with a few different offerings such as the Hammerhead Pro V2 and Hammerhead USB-C - the latter being the foundation on which the newer model is based. But with the newer ANC model, they are looking to cement their position even more, especially as they’ve just released the 2nd generation Razer phone.

As for the product in question, it is the Hammerhead USB-C ANC. It may not sound that different to the previous generation, but Razer has taken a more serious approach with the newer model as they’ve replaced their vibrant green colour with a more stealthy all-black finish. They have, however, still maintained some of the Razer green which in this case takes the form of an illuminated logo on the housing. Razer has also modernised the aesthetic so they look even cleaner and more polished than before.

Colour scheme and design overhaul aside, is there anything else that has drastically changed? Well, they’ve added Active Noise Cancellation which should cut down on external noises when in louder environments. Razer has also tinkered with the internals and integrated a dual driver setup as well as bolstered the DAC used. Other additions include a newly designed three-button remote, some Comply eartips and a tweaked cable design.

Razer on the Hammerhead USB-C ANC:
The Razer Hammerhead USB-C powered active noise cancellation (ANC) in-ears deliver the noise cancellation capabilities of larger headsets without the bulk. Dual driver technology combines the bass from a dynamic driver and high frequency details from a balanced armature driver for full range sound, while a digital-to-analog converter (DAC) ensures it is clear and uncompressed. The in-ears also feature a durable aluminum frame, braided cables, and inline control, with Comply™ ear tips to provide a secure fit with enhanced noise cancellation.

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