Razer Kraken Mobile Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅28-02-16
Packaging & First Look

The version we have is the neon Red version, which is a vibrant, almost magenta colour that is rather difficult to capture on camera accurately. The packaging is made from a clear plastic with cardboard sleeves inserted to provide any relevant information about the product.

At the back we get a view of all the available colours and get given information about the rugged construction, comfort and large audio drivers.

The detachable cable is 1.3m long, which is standard for a mobile cable, and features an inline remote with microphone.

The remote matches the headset colour it is shipped with and features 3x buttons being the plus sign, the minus sign and the centre button.

As there are compatibility issues between Android and iOS, if you use the cable with a non compatible device, features may be limited to simple audio out and if you are lucky, the microphone too, though to cater for Android users there is an optional cable that will set them back an additional 14.99. Be sure to check the compatibility if you go down this route as it appears this is one pricy cable.

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