Razer Kraken Mobile Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅28-02-16
Closer Look

The headband and shape looks pleasing and the bold neon red colour obfuscates the camera making it difficult to pick up accurately, but these images do a good job of showing how vibrant it is.

The adjustment strap is made of plastic and extends by around 40-50mm either side, ensuring that there is enough space for most peoples melon.

The top of the headband has Razer's logo detailed in matching colour.

The earcups are circular and could offer a little more space for a comfortable circumaural experience while the padding is medium soft/firm and is coated by a plasticky faux leather.

The sides bare the Razer logo and the design is attractive and distinctive.

The left side earcup features the input socket for the 4 pole jack, because the socket is custom you may run into problems when it comes to getting 3rd party cables to fit.

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