Razer Kraken Mobile Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅28-02-16
Performance Testing

Setup, Design & Observations
The headset itself is fairly simple to setup, the jack socket is custom and requires you to push the connector into the port, then a small twist to lock. Then you can attack it to your i-device (or Android) or any system that can receive a 4 pole jack.

The colour is very bold and vibrant, and if the other colours are like the one we have, which is neon Red, (which is more pinkish magenta) you may need to see the product in the flesh to see if it to your liking. Though the Kraken design and styling is certainly attractive and suits this casual, fun role.

The cable and remote feels decent quality and the button presses click in a satisfying way, the remote is positioned rather high up, but is as your would expect from a mobile orientated design. The remote can be used to answer and hangup calls, skip tracks and adjust audio volume.

The comfort of the Kraken is decent, though the earcups could be a little larger, and the padding softer, the forgiving clamp strength makes it rather comfortable anyway. As this headset is aimed for mobile use, sound leakage could be a problem as the padding on the earcups don't really squish to your head very well, and so anyone around you while you are listening to music will also have the pleasure of listening in to your music of choice.

The audio tone when listening to various familiar tracks comes in as being good quality, clear, though with a weak treble and strong bass. Some electronic music can sound overbearing without the correct balance with noticeable loss in detail in the higher registrations, though for casual listening, there is a more warm and punchy characteristic.

If used in gaming, the Kraken is a powerful beast and can give you that intense thunderous sound that is difficult to get from most earphones, this partly is because the Kraken also has a relatively wide soundstage that allows for good spatial awareness in regards to stereo surround.

The microphone itself is fairly limited in regards to actual use, being clear and capable for mobile voice calls, yet overly sensitive and poor quality when used in a laptop/desktop scenario, thus making it not so useful for gaming communication and more orientated at mobile communication.

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